• High Voltage Testing Services

    LIVE HV provides a complete range of High Voltage Testing services including Off-Line Partial Discharge testing for CablesSwitchgear, Rotating Machines and Transformers. Our services detect any insulation issues during the commissioning of plant prior to it being placed into service. Off-Line testing can also be conducted during routine outages as part of a maintenance regime or to confirm suspected faults.

  • Cables

    LIVE HV provides off-line commissioning and maintenance for cables up to 220 kV including Partial Discharge (PD) and Tan Delta (TD) measurements.

    When VLF cable testing is combined with diagnostic Partial Discharge (PD) and Tan Delta (TD) measurements we gain a far greater insight into the cable condition and can detect cable failure modes. PD testing is the best tool for detecting localised faults such as poorly terminated joints or terminations. TD testing which measures if there is any resistive component to the insulation provides us with an overall health or condition of the cable insulation. Combined, PD and TD testing provides the ultimate in cable condition assessment.


  • Switchgear

    Switchgear Off-Line PD testing will detect switchgear insulation faults that traditional tests frequently miss. We use a 50 Hz testing transformer in conjunction with our testing equipment which allows for PD measurement in accordance with IEC 60270 and PD fault location using our On-Line sensors.

  • Transformers

    While the most common and very successful method for analysing transformer condition is an oil test there are cases where high voltage testing services are required. In addition to online PD testing and bushing tap sensor installation LIVE HV can provide offline high voltage testing for your transformers.

  • Test Facility

    Our HV testing facility in Melbourne, Australia provides HV testing services including PD and TD testing with very low background noise levels (<5 pC).

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