• HV Maintenance & Asset Management Plans

    LIVE HV can design bespoke maintenance plans for individual assets or your entire HV network. Following approval, LIVE HV offer flexible solutions to execute the plan moving forward. Our expertise in HV asset condition assessment provides confidence that your HV networks integrity is secure and its lifespan is maximised.

  • Engineering & Design

    LIVE HV offer complete end to end engineering solutions for your High Voltage Network. Following the decision to replace an asset or expand your HV network, we can source, install, commission and develop a prescribed maintenance plan. Our experience and expertise at fault finding and testing enables the foresight to mitigate common issues prior to installation.

    LIVE HV is the sole point of contact for your HV project completion.

Do You Require Partial Discharge Testing?

We can support you by providing advanced diagnostic testing & fault location for any suspected faults you may have identified.

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