Continuous, Synchronous, On-line Partial Discharge (OLPD) Complete Network Monitoring with Benchmarking and Trending of Data

The HVPD Kronos™ Monitor is an on‑line partial discharge (OLPD) insulation condition monitoring (CM) system suitable for the long-term, continuous monitoring of complete high voltage (HV) networks of 3.3 kV and above.
Suitable for monitoring complete HV networks, including cables, switchgear, transformers and rotating HV machines, the HVPD Kronos™ Monitor is the third generation of HVPD’s OLPD monitoring technology, having evolved from over 20 years of direct industrial OLPD testing and monitoring application by the HVPD Directors and Engineers.
Uniquely in the market, HVPD provide a dedicated, continuous OLPD condition monitoring service in conjunction with the monitoring technology and HVPD OLPD Measurements Database© 2015, to provide continuous condition monitoring to support Condition-Based Management (CBM).

  • Features

    • Continuous OLPD monitoring technology suitable for the insulation condition monitoring of ‘incipient’ HV insulation faults and OLPD trends in HV networks.
    • The 24-channel HVPD Kronos™ Monitor captures six (6) signal channels synchronously using its unique Smart Multiplexer.
    • The HVPD Kronos™ monitors distributed across an HV network continuously transfer the insulation condition data to the central HVPD OLPD Measurements Database© 2015 installed at the customers control centre for logging, benchmarking and trending of data through upload to the HVPD data centre.
    • Generates a simple ‘OLPD Criticality’ number for the asset from 0‒100% through benchmarking and trending with the central HVPD OLPD Measurements Database© 2015.
    • Remotely accessible via a wide range of industry communications standards, including Modbus, DNP3.
    • 19″ rack-mountable, IP-65-rated fanless design, low power consumption.
    • 24-channel SMART full cross point multiplexer.
    • All HVPD Kronos™ monitors are networked and communicate back to the central Partial Discharge Monitoring Server (PDMS) for coordination and organisation of data.
  • Benefits

    • Supports Condition-Based Management (CBM) schemes.
    • Reduces unplanned outages, downtime and maintenance costs.
    • Avoid unnecessary alarms as any PD activity flagged is investigated by our experts and recommendations are given to allow the asset manager to carry out timely remedial action.
    • Advanced OLPD identification and noise separation is achieved through synchronous data capture on multiple channels.
    • Can be applied in local area electricity networks to provide complete network condition monitoring.
    • The monitoring system and the user interface are configured to the customer’s site requirements and Single-Line Diagram (SLD) to provide an overview of the entire network condition whilst also displaying the condition of individual stationary assets.
    • OLPD Monitoring Service Contract (HVPD OLPD Measurements Database© 2015 database subscription, software upgrades, data analysis and reporting, remote assistance and response to ‘on event’ incidents).

This HV insulation CM solution provides information to help HV network operators to avoid unplanned outages caused by insulation faults across their network. For the oil & gas industry, these have been reported to cost an average of $220k per hour, $5,285,000 per day (ABB Technical Paper, “Motors & Generators Optimized Cost of Ownership” 2013). Based on this analysis the initial capital cost of a complete network monitoring system is paid back through the avoidance of one (1) unplanned outage on the network.