• Cable Fault Location

    Cable faults are an unexpected inconvenience. We understand your urgency and make it our priority to be on site quickly, pinpointing the cable fault and enabling you to resume operation with minimal business interruption.

    LIVE HV’s specialised cable fault location techniques have been developed to accurately locate faults without placing undue stress on the cable. Rather than using a destructive ‘thumper,’ LIVE HV employ a combination of HV Bridge, Arc Reflection, Time Domain Reflectometry and Electromagnetic Wave Detection to pinpoint sheath to earth and core to screen faults for LV and HV cables.

  • Cable Tracing

    Cable tracing is an integral tool for the asset owner. LIVE HV can trace LV and HV cable runs, attributing GPS co-ordinates so a precise map of your cable network can be recorded with the location of joints pinpointed. This data is essential when required cable maintenance such as rejointing, sheath to earth and core to screen fault location is required.

Emergency Cable Fault Finding

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