Transformers are a critical component for providing reliable energy flow in a high voltage network. To complement your oil sampling and for dry-type transformers LIVE HV provide a wide range of in-service and offline test services.

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Online Partial Discharge Testing

  • On-Line Diagnostic PD Testing

    On-Line Partial Discharge (PD) testing provides an accurate assessment of the insulation condition for your plant rated at 3.3 kV and above. LIVE HV provides testing while the plant is in service with the HVPD LongshotTM PD Diagnostic System and Kronos Tester. PD testing can be conducted on CablesRotating Machines ,Switchgear, and Transformers.

Offline Testing

  • Transformers

    While the most common and very successful method for analysing transformer condition is oil sampling, there are many cases where high voltage testing services are beneficial. In addition to online PD testing and bushing tap sensor installation LIVE HV can provide a wide range of offline high voltage testing services for your transformers.

Continous Monitoring

  • For Critical Plant it can be best practice to have permanent 24/7 monitoring which provides ultimate peace of mind regarding an assets condition. LIVE HV can provide, install & monitor a range of portable & permanent monitoring solutions with the HVPD range of technology including the patented complete network monitoring solution. We have the option of renting or purchasing monitoring equipment.

    Monitoring equipment can be provided with service contracts where all the data interpretation is performed for you. Data can be accessed by the customer via cloud based web view for real-time analysis of asset condition or automatically uploaded to HVPD servers where it is instantly assessed with the HVPD Monitoring Database. Customers can be alerted to any changes in condition immediately and frequent reporting can be provided to trend an asset for accurate maintenance scheduling.

    The first step in any continuous monitoring set-up is to consider the required PD sensors to provide the best possible results. There are a range of options for sensor installation which LIVE HV can advise upon.

    Continuous Monitoring Options

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