From a safety and reliability perspective your switchgear condition is of the utmost importance. LIVE HV provides an expansive range of diagnostic switchgear testing and specialise in online condition monitoring, Offline PD commissioning and fault finding.

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Online Testing

  • Switchgear

    Our On-Line PD monitoring in switchgear can rapidly identify dangerous PD activity and diagnose insulation faults before they occur removing the chance for switchboard failure and increasing safety. Non-intrusive sensors including Transient Earth Voltage (TEV), Acoustic and High Frequency Current Transformers (HFCT’s) are used.
    If you are already taking PD measurements with a ‘handheld’ PD testing device LIVE HV can assist by providing diagnostic and PD location services.

Offline Testing

  • Switchgear

    LIVE HV provide out of service and shutdown testing and maintenance for your switchgear. In addition to high voltage testing and commissioning we have solutions to maximise the performance and lifespan of your asset. Busbar maintenance, relay injection and circuit breaker timing tests are examples of the full suite of services we provide that give you a clear understanding of your switchgear’s true condition.Switchgear Off-Line PD testing will detect insulation faults that traditional tests frequently miss. Energizing the switchgear with a 50 Hz transformer in conjunction with our testing equipment allows for sensitive and accurate PD measurement in accordance with IEC 60270. PD fault location is provided through the use of an array of sensors and analysis methods.

Continuous Monitoring

  • For Critical Plant it can be best practice to have permanent 24/7 monitoring which provides ultimate peace of mind regarding an assets condition. LIVE HV can provide, install & monitor a range of portable & permanent monitoring solutions with the HVPD range of technology including the patented complete network monitoring solution. We have the option of renting or purchasing monitoring equipment.

    Monitoring equipment can be provided with service contracts where all the data interpretation is performed for you. Data can be accessed by the customer via cloud based web view for real-time analysis of asset condition or automatically uploaded to HVPD servers where it is instantly assessed with the HVPD Monitoring Database. Customers can be alerted to any changes in condition immediately and frequent reporting can be provided to trend an asset for accurate maintenance scheduling.

    The first step in any continuous monitoring set-up is to consider the required PD sensors to provide the best possible results. There are a range of options for sensor installation which LIVE HV can advise upon.

    Continuous Monitoring Options



    Hand-held Testing devices The World’s first Partial Discharge Handheld test unit with an Asset Management Application

  • HVPD KRONOS® Spot Tester

    Portable diagnostic OLPD spot-test system for in-service plant, including cables, switchgear, transformers and rotating machines operating at 3.3 kV and above.


    Portable Monitoring 24-channel On-line Partial Discharge Monitor for Temporary Installation


    Continuous, Synchronous, On-line Partial Discharge Complete Network Monitoring with Benchmarking and Trending of Data


    On-Line Partial Discharge Sensors Complete range of On-Line Partial Discharge sensors for all applications.

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