Being the lifeline for your assets we understand how critical your high voltage cables are. We provide a full range of testing services from commissioning, in-service testing, ‘health’ assessments and fault finding.

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Online Testing

  • Cables

    LIVE HV can provide On-Line PD testing services for cables rated from 3.3 kV to 750 kV and use cable mapping to pinpoint any discharge detected to within 0.5% of the cables length. High Frequency Current Transformers (HFCT’s) are used to detect discharge from the entire cable length including any joints or terminations.

Out Of Service Testing

  • Cables

    LIVE HV provides off-line commissioning, testing, maintenance and fault location for cables up to 220 kV including Partial Discharge (PD) and Tan Delta (TD) measurements.

    When VLF cable testing is combined with diagnostic Partial Discharge (PD) and Tan Delta (TD) measurements we gain a far greater insight into the cable condition and can detect cable failure modes. PD testing is the best tool for detecting localised faults such as poorly terminated joints or terminations. TD testing which measures if there is any resistive component to the insulation provides us with overall health or condition of the cable insulation. Combined, PD and TD testing provides the ultimate in cable condition assessment.

    Our specialised cable fault location techniques have been developed to accurately locate cable faults while not placing any stress on the cable. Our cable fault location techniques do not require a ‘thumper’ to be used and can accurately pre-locate and pinpoint both sheath to earth and core to screen faults for LV and HV cables. Our successful techniques have been developed from years of Partial Discharge testing and include a combination of HV bridge, arc reflection and electromagnetic wave detection.

Continuous Monitoring

  • For Critical Plant it can be best practice to have permanent 24/7 monitoring which provides ultimate peace of mind regarding an assets condition. LIVE HV can provide, install & monitor a range of portable & permanent monitoring solutions with the HVPD range of technology including the patented complete network monitoring solution. We have the option of renting or purchasing monitoring equipment.

    Monitoring equipment can be provided with service contracts where all the data interpretation is performed for you. Data can be accessed by the customer via cloud based web view for real-time analysis of asset condition or automatically uploaded to HVPD servers where it is instantly assessed with the HVPD Monitoring Database. Customers can be alerted to any changes in condition immediately and frequent reporting can be provided to trend an asset for accurate maintenance scheduling.

    The first step in any continuous monitoring set-up is to consider the required PD sensors to provide the best possible results. There are a range of options for sensor installation which LIVE HV can advise upon.

    Continuous Monitoring Options



    Continuous, Synchronous, On-line Partial Discharge Complete Network Monitoring with Benchmarking and Trending of Data


    On-Line Partial Discharge Sensors Complete range of On-Line Partial Discharge sensors for all applications.

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