High Voltage Asset Management

LIVE HV specialise in high voltage testing, asset management and Partial Discharge services. From commissioning and maintenance through to fault detection and location, we offer a complete range of essential services to optimise your High Voltage network.

Our Partial Discharge services are extensive and include diagnostic spot testing, correct product option and installation for your network’s sensor installation and continuous monitoring. Additionally, LIVE HV is committed to delivering training and ongoing support to your team.

  • Reliable Diagnostic Assessment and Advice for High Voltage Plant
  • Measurement, Detection and Accurate Location of Partial Discharge Activity
  • Sales, Training, Installation and Monitoring for Partial Discharge Equipment
  • Testing with Innovative, Industry Leading PD Analysis Equipment
  • LIVE HV Technicians are Trained in the Latest Testing Techniques

Based in Melbourne, Victoria, we provide High Voltage electrical testing services for Mining Operations, Power Stations, Power Authorities, Renewable Energy Providers, Transportation, Hospitals and any business operating a critical Medium or High Voltage network throughout Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific.

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High Voltage Asset Management

Partial Discharge testing is universally regarded as the best condition assessment tool for medium and high voltage insulation. LIVE HV can diagnose faults before they become costly, critical failures, reducing unnecessary downtime and maximising workplace safety.

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