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Partial Discharge and High Voltage testing

  • New Offline HV Cable, PD and Tan Delta testing

    by Jackson Hill on March 26, 2017 in Latest News

    We have recently acquired the HVA60, HVA120 and PDTD120 which enables us to provide off-line cable testing services including Partial Discharge and Tan Delta measurements for cables up to 132 kV. An excellent complement to our industry leading on-line PD testing services, this off-line service provides the added benefit of commissioning cables, Tan Delta measurements for the overall health of the cable insulation and off-line PD for an even more sensitive PD measurement.

    • Offline testing of Land and subsea cables up to 132 kV
    • Accurate testing of cables up to 30km long
    • Off-Line testing and Commissioning for both Medium Voltage and High Voltage Cables up to 132 kV
    • Partial Discharge measurement up to 120 kV
    • Cable mapping for PD fault location
    • Tan Delta Measurements up to 120 kV
    • VLF Commissioning cables up to 66 kV
    • VLF Maintenance cables up to 132 kV
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  • Off-Line Cable PD Testing with VLF

    by Jackson Hill on September 22, 2015 in Latest News

    LIVE HV can now provide Off-Line Partial Discharge testing for cables using a VLF test set to energise the cable.

    Already leading the way with On-Line PD testing for all assets and Off-Line PD testing for Switchgear it was a natural progression to start providing Off-Line PD testing for cables.

    VLF allows us to energise high capacitance assets such as long cables but it also presents challenges when designing a PD test system. The noise generated by the VLF must be blocked with a HV filter and the low frequency (0.1 Hz) waveform requires an oscilloscope to operate on Peak Detect mode for PD measurement.

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  • PDS Insight Trade in / Trade up Huge Discounts!!

    by Jackson Hill on August 13, 2015 in Latest News
    PDS Insight trade in pic

    For a limited time only, we are now offering a promotional discount for customers wanting to trade in any OLPD handheld device for the HVPD PDS Insight™ (watch video here). In addition to this exciting trade in offer, we are also encouraging our existing customers with PDS Air™ and PDSurveyor™ units to trade up to the HVPD PDS Insight™ to also benefit from this promotion.

    Trade_In_Full_ logo-v1-2
    Trade_Up_Full_ logo-v2

    Trade in any OLPD handheld device against the HVPD PDS Insight™ to receive a discount. We accept all brands of handheld devices.

    Trade up to the HVPD PDS Insight™ if you are an existing owner of PDS Air™ and PDSurveyor™ to also benefit from this promotion.

    Contact Us now to take advantage of this offer

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  • SIRF 2012

    by cartadmin on June 16, 2015 in Latest News
    We are delighted to be attending the SIRF electrical safety and maintenance conference for the third year running. (more…)

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  • When to PD Test

    by cartadmin on in Latest News
    The ultimate aim of PD testing is to identify and locate incipient faults prior to failure so when is the best time to perform the testing? (more…)

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